4th place in Shapeways/Valve competition :)
4th place in Shapeways/Valve comptetion :D
Surprise in the post!

On a previous post I have mentioned Shapeways and Valve reached an agreement, allowing me to once again allow people to purchase my 3D prints (based on Valve owned franchises) on Shapeways. The agreement involves Valve receiving a royyalty per sale. This meant the return of my TF2 sentry and Portal coaster. Huzzah!

Shapeways also ran a "Valve Design Competition" where anyone who has opted into this agreement will be placed in a competition. I forgot all about this as it had been a while since the competition announcement and figured I never made the cut, but then I got an awesome surprise in the post. I was placed 4th! That netted me an awesome 12" Blu Soldier Exclusive from GamingHeads and some Shapeways vouchers.

It was a very nice surprise and I am certainly flattered I was placed as one of the winners, the winners placed above me have some awesome designs, so congrats to them and check their stuff out. Thanks Shapeways and Valve for running the competition!

I'm also working on a new project, it's pretty slow going to due to time availability and complexity, but hopefully that will be up soon!

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