It's been a while since I've updated my blog with new content.  I've been quite busy in my day-to-day life and when I'm lucky enough to have a little free time (not that often unfortunately), I've been using that to work on a new project (which is a bit of a monstrosity, so it will take quite a while to finish) or using it on photography.  So I thought to keep myself motivated to update the blog a bit more I would give it a bit of a re-design.

The layout isn't vastly different from my last design, but I was a bit tired of the majority of the blog having dark colours, so I wanted to change that and have the last few recent posts on the home page rather than just the most recent post.  I found myself a template that was mostly what I wanted and then tweaked and changed things to what it currently is.  I found a few bugs in the template that I also fixed, but it was on the whole a really good template that I liked.  All I need to now try and figure out is how to make my post thumbnails something other than the first picture in the post without having to do these weird workarounds :)

I don't really use Twitter myself nor do I have a website Facebook page, but I did want to add some buttons so people could easily share links to my website on their favourite social network as I know a lot of people use these tools.  It's pretty much the standard feature on blogs these days and I didn't have that on my last design.  I also added a "pin it" button as I do use Pinterest a lot.  If you've never used Pinterest before it's well worth checking out. The only problem here is that for some reason I can't get this to work on the current design. I didn't want to hold up the re-design so I've left this on my "to add" list to do at a later date.

I wanted to also try and coincide my re-design with a post showing that I've finally finished my Atlas model. Unfortunatly this didn't go to plan either! I'll be aiming to hopefully find time in the next few weeks to do this as it should have been finished months ago, but I'm afraid I got side tracked with the Claptrap commission for Gamespot UK, the new project and other things going on in my life.  For the past few months it's been gathering dust waiting to be finished, so I thought it was about time to do just that!

Hope you like the new look and features!

Edit: I also finally got around to changing my CNAME records so I can use my own domain on this blog rather than the default. So the domain should now always be instead of Much shorter and if I ever move hosts I can now redirect things easier :) The only downside of this is that I seem to lost my Google plus share counter. I'll see if I can get that count back without removing my custom domain, but I'm not enitrely sure if that is possible :(

There is one or two Internet Explorer issues that need to be fixed I believe, but I probably won't invest a huge amount of time fixing all of these on the account that it's a pain to develop for and the other browsers don't have them (I'm sure this must sound very familiar to anyone who does web development)! Please consider using Firefox or Chrome as your main browser, as not only are far better browsers than Internet Explorer, but they also tend conform to web standard much more IMO.