Video: Mini portal turret in real world test
This is a mini project to try out motion tracking. I decided to make it a bit more fun and use a turret from the game Portal.

Attempt 1 at motion tracking

This was my first attempt at motion tracking.  I decided to do a mini project so that it would make it more interesting.  So, what better than Portal :P

This was the first test video, the motion tracking wasn't brilliant as the objects slid around a bit and the physics wasn't great either.  Doing this with phone camera footage made it quite hard as it was pretty blurry and the image broke up from time to time throwing off the tracking.  Something I learned from this; Try and use a proper camera if you can, it will be much easier!

I used Modo to model, animate the basics and render out the final passes.  I also used Blender for Physics (as this was done on Modo 401 where physics wasn't available), Boujou for tracking and After Effects for compositing all the basic passes together.

Attempt 2 at motion tracking

This was the second attempt at motion tracking and it was much better.  I re-did the motion tracking and physics to improve things.  Once happy with that, I then gave the models some material, added in a laser effect, sound and did some colour correction/clean up in After Effects.

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