4th place in Shapeways/Valve comptetion :D

Pre-war magazine: Medical protectron and child on the cover of the Massachusetts Surgical Journal

Due to Shapeways price structure change, the TF2 sentry needs a design change

Dead Space bench to help you upgrade your weapons and survive the necromorph outbreak! Make sure you bring power nodes.

A project abandoned

It's 2014, that means it's time for a re-design of the website. I wanted to redesign the website so I have more screen real estate for posts, make it a bit more media heavy (let's face it, a picture can more than likely describe things better than I can articulate!) and also make the website more responsive (so it should work with desktops, tablets and phone screens). I may in the future incorporate "lazy load" javascript if it proves the posts get too media heavy or people are having loading issues, but for the moment I haven't incorporated it. I've decided I'm not going to add lots of fixes for old broken browsers (*cough* IE *cough*), instead I'm going to concentrate more on browsers like Chrome or Firefox which are far superior and let's face it, the bigger market share. IE 11 actually looks half decent, but I'm not going to add lots of fixes and workarounds for pre IE 11 unless I feel it's absolutely necessary. Join the modern era people, use a modern web standards compatible browser!

I've added some jquery in the new design (for instance: like the jump to top icon that appears when you scroll down, the slider on the homepage supports touch screen swipes) to give me some nicer features, used some CSS3 and html5 in the current incarnation of the website. I've also built the theme from the ground up rather than using part of a template like I did last time (after all, you're then at the mercy of another developers code which can bite you in the backside, which is what happened in early 2013 to the website). If you spot any problems on the website, please let me know along with what operating system and browser you are using :)

Hopefully you'll like what I've done with the website, but let me know what you think in the comments.

My latest project should be up in the next day or two. I just wanted the new website design to go live first :)

This is a video of the Portal pressure button coaster I'm selling on Shapeways.

This is a video of the assembly of my Team Fortress 2 model I'm selling on Shapeways.

I love Dropbox, it's a fantastic tool that I would recommend for everyone!